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Some of our wind chimes have been hanging outdoors for over 20 years ! An elegant look with military strength create long lasting joy in both sound and appearance !

 Made in Colorado since 1980

  You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know wind chimes are not all the same !  Many use cheap fishing line with untreated wooden parts and thin plastic that doesn't hold up in the sun and weather very long . Many wind chimes are just plain tinny and annoying !  Compare our sounds to many others and soon you'll see the difference .

Strong Real Wood Top Rings !

Wood ring with strong brass hangers

Unique "Beetle Kill" lumber from an old sawmill at the base of Pikes Peak -


Hand tooled ringers - not cheap wooden balls !

Hand tooled acrylic ringers

We've worked hard to find the right composite for these -


Elegant stained glass wind catchers that can be personalized any way you want !

Green personalized stained glass circle

These look elegant for years indoor and out -


Nice Story Cards to compliment the wind chimes -

Wind chime story cards

Just a brief story about how wind chimes came about -


Strong and fast shipping -

We know you want them quickly but undamaged -

Stained Glass  Colors  

We try to use iridized stained glass whenever possible !

The web photos don't really do it justice -

moving image of happy flower

Did you know wind chimes started in ancient China as a way to allow good spirits in and to keep the bad out of their little wooden huts !  It must have worked pretty good as even today most people are doing the same. Have you looked around your neighborhood lately?

We believe most good spirits prefer nice sounding wind chimes so we have always made ours very carefully one at a time in our cottage shop near Pikes Peak.

We also believe that  "slow and steady beats fast and sloppy"  most of the time !

It's OK if you don't believe in soothing wind chimes and the many benefits from them - 

However - we wish you luck - and lots of it !